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A small set of unreleased images have surfaced in FarmVille today, with three of these four new items coming to the game’s Enchanted Love / Royal Wedding item theme, celebrating the real-world marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton. These three items are the Wedding Fountain, the Wedding Bouquet, and the Royal Flower Pot.

The other item? Well, it’s one that dog-lovers will certainly appreciate, as it will mark the first time we’ve seen a new canine available in the game in a long time. A new Corgi puppy will be coming to the game, but it is unknown right now as to whether or not the puppy will be available for Farm Cash or coins. More likely than not, you’ll need to shell out some serious Farm Cash (likely 60 or more) to add this cute little fella to your farm, but again, that’s just speculation at this point.


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